Jamun Shots

My friend Manisha Patil has a big garden and this year she sent me Jackfruits and Jamuns that was harvested from her garden… This summer we got to enjoy all the seasonal fruits.. I count this as a blessing J.

Jamun or Black Plum is an incredibly healthy fruit. I simply love the tarty, sweet yet sour taste of this fruit and more so, the purple hue that it leaves on our tongue. 

After making the Jamun Shots, I have planted few seeds in my pots and hope by few months I will be able to transfer them to my society garden like the way I have donated a mango plant recently which I planted last year in my pot… So do not throw away the seeds of fruits… you can plant them and your next generation can reap the benefit of these fruits!

The recipe that I am sharing today can be made in just 5 minutes once you bring the Jamuns from the market.  I had  Jamun Shots at  Falahar a very famous Juice joint in Pune and always wanted to try making this at home… so finally tried and tested, I am sharing the recipe with all of you…

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Fresh Jamuns – ½ Kg

Juice of Lemon – ½

Black Salt – ½ tsp

Normal Salt – ¼ tsp

Sugar – 1 tbsp

Chilled water – 2 glasses

Lemon Wedges & salt for glass dipping

Shot Glasses - for serving

Method :

Thoroughly wash the Jamuns in water.  Deseed them and cut them into pieces Add in the black salt, normal salt, sugar, lemon juice and make a fine pulp. Refrigerate the pulp for few hours.   Take the required amount of pulp in a jar and add in the required chilled water and mix this well (the pulp should be thick consistency after you pour the water).  You can check the salt and sugar and add more if required.  

Take a plate and spread some salt.  Take a lemon wedge and rub it on the brim of shot glasses.   Place each shot glass upside down in the salt. Salt will get stuck on the edge of the glass creating a ring of salt.  Now pour the Jamun pulp into each glass and enjoy the chilled Jamun Shots!!   Hope you will enjoy making and sipping on this Healthy drink J.


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