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Jackfruit Seeds Kheer / Payasam / Chakakuru Payasam

I remember my school days when we regularly visited grandparents’ home during the summer vacation..The best part of this vacation was just eat and play which all children loved doing!We used to be running around the whole day from one tree to another…we used to feel so hungry by lunch time that we thoroughly enjoyed whatever was served on the banana leaf.My favourite was Raw Jackfruit Sabzi which my Grandmother made. I used to end up eating only the vegetable as I loved it’s taste.I loved eating the Ripe Jackfruit also… we all used to sit in a circle and grandmother used to peel the fruit and feed all of us.The seeds of the fruit used to be reserved to make sabzi the next day.The cows were fed with the outer skin of the fruit… in short every part of this fruit was utilized.Since we hardly visit Kerala, we miss those wonderful days and also very rarely got to eat this fruit.This summer we were lucky enough to enjoy this fruit which my friend Manisha Patil sent to us which she harvested…

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