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Piping Hot Sweet Corn Soup

I am back again with a quick recipe for all of you…. I was unwell for a week due to a nerve pinch in my neck due to Spondylitis.. It was very painful L .  My kids, hubby and in-laws ensured that I took complete rest for a week… and now I am doing much better than last week! Tomorrow is Women’s Day… so here’s wishing all the beautiful Women on this Earth a Very Happy Women’s Day!   I do not wait for this day to pamper myself… I believe that it is important to make time for yourself… relax and pamper yourself by going to a Spa, get a massage done, read a book, take a small nap, enjoy and appreciate little achievements, enjoy a dessert without bothering about the calories that may cause weight gain J . I am sharing a Corn Soup recipe which is a favourite soup at my home.  My Mom-in-law enjoys this soup and I make this quite often for dinner.   Enjoy the Soup, hot and fresh with your family!! Do try the recipe and I would really be thankful if you can pin it or share this with your

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