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Bedmi Poori - Traditional Indian Bread

I have not been able to update recipes as Ria, my daughter requires my laptop for her online classes… It seems that kids are spending more time on laptop and mobile phones to complete their studies since online school has started due to COVID 19 outbreak..  I recently tried making Bedmi Poori which is a traditional Indian bread made out of wheat flour, Semolina, Urad Dal and other spices.  This is a traditional breakfast that is served in Uttarpradesh and Rajasthan with piping hot Aloo ki sabzi (Spicy potato curry).  This is a heavy dish and we skipped our lunch after having these Poori’s for breakfast.  This recipe was shared by one of the food groups and I instantly tried making this and sharing the recipe with all of you.   In case you have a recipe that you want me to try and share on my blog… don’t hesitate to send me a mail and the same will be tried, tested and published for all our readers.Do try the recipe and I would really be thankful if you can pin it or share this with yo…

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