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My blog has completed 4 years in Feb 2019 and today I am posting my 250th recipe on this blog.  It’s celebration time and a big milestone achieved!!!

I have penned down stories and events in my life through my blogs… Most of the recipes that are posted here are quick and easy which can be made with simple ingredients available in your kitchen. 

I also tried my hands at creating and posting few videos through this blog and I have promised myself to keep blogging and sharing recipes with all of you…. So as long as you read I will keep writing :) .

So, if you enjoy reading my blog, please do spread a word about this as sharing is caring!  If you try any of the recipes, do share your feedback and comments!  Your support is my motivation!

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I celebrate this special day with all of you by sharing a 4 ingredient quick Fruit Cake recipe which I have baked in my cooker… I am sure you will help me celebrate this big day and be a part of my journey!

Are you ready to bake with me?


Tea time biscuits (I used Nice Biscuits) : 200 gms
Any fruit juice of your choice ( I used Real Mango juice)  : 200 ml
Eno – 1 packet
Mixed fruits, Tuti Frooti, Cherries to garnish


Add in some salt to a cooker and put this on low flame till we make the batter.  Break the biscuits and put them in a mixer jar and blend them to a fine powder.  Transfer this to a bowl.  Add in the juice and mix this well to form a batter. Add half the dry fruits and give it a good mix.  Keep some away for garnish.  Now add in one packet of Eno to the batter and mix this very gently. Pour this in a greased cake tin and garnish with balance dry fruits and nuts.  Tap the cake tin 2 to 3 times and place this in the cooker.  

Remove the ring and whistle of the cooker and close the lid and bake the cake on low to medium flame for 25 to 30 minutes.  Insert a toothpick to check if the cake is done after 25 minutes.  If the toothpick comes out clean it means the cake is cooked well.   So go ahead and bake this for your family / friends and enjoy!!!

Tips : Ensure the biscuit is powdered well.  After you add the Eno, it has to be gently mixed.  Immediately keep it to bake once you add the Eno.  You can try mixing different kinds of juices.


  1. Why do we add salt in the cooker? Also, is there no need to add sugar or any sweetener in the cake?

    Thanks in advance 🙂.

  2. Hi Deepthi!! Adding salt to cooker for baking gives it an oven effect. It acts as a pressure controller and the cake is baked evenly.

    We are already using fruit juice and biscuits and tuti fruti in the recipe adding sugar or other sweetner will make this tooo sweet :).

    Hope I have answered your query! Do check out all other quick and easy recipes and do try them. Await your feedback once you bake the cake.


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