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Leftover Roti / Chapati Barfi - A unique dessert!

Mycolleague, Meghana Dindorkar shared this recipe with me and I just could not wait to make this as I was very curious to taste it and was not sure about the taste and I kept thinking of how can one make Barfi with Leftover Chapati's....

I told my maid to make few extra Chapati's and once they we cooled, I tried my hands at this recipe... to my great surprise it tasted awesome and no one at home realized that it was made of Leftover Roti... I shared this dish with few colleagues and their reaction was exactly like what I felt when Meghana shared this recipe with me :).
I am sure you all are also eager to know the recipe to make this dessert... So let's take a look at the ingredients and method...
Ingredients :
1/4th Cup Malai or Fresh Cream 1/4th Cup Powdered sugar 1 tbsp Cocoa powder 1/4th Cup dark chocolate 1 cup left over Chapati - churned in mixer to a fine powder 2 tbsp - Kaju / Cashew nut pieces Butter Paper greased with ghee White chocolate flakes to decorate
Method :
Heat a pa…

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